Hello all, and welcome to my blog.

For those of you who are unsure about who I am, my name is Rebecca and I am Horror writer hailing from the United Kingdom. Horror has always been my passion. I suppose you could call it an obsession. I feel that would be the better word use here!

I have been published in many magazines in the course of writing career, which kicked off permanently in the year of 2015. in that time I have made myself known in many magazines such as DARK GOTHIC RESSURECTED, DARK DOSSIER, BEWILDERING STORIES, TALES OF HORROR AND JIM GOFORTH’S REJECTED FOR CONTENT – HIGHWAY TO HELL. (make sure to check them out! I guarantee that you don’t miss out on that gory goodness.)

my purpose here is to showcase and promote my work with you all and in hope to get my new work noticed. I love hearing from fellow writers and creatives. I try to reply to all my messages so please bare with me, it does take a while sometimes.

don’t be afraid to show me what you got and please check out dgr magazine linked below. you won’t regret it, I promise.

stay spooky.


Check out DGR and show your support!

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